02.04.22 - 02.06.22
Intersection & Innovation

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HackSC is USC’s largest hackathon.

HackSC is USC’s largest hackathon.

Located in the heart of sunny Los Angeles, HackSC will provide a weekend full of innovation, connection, and education. In an interdisciplinary endeavor, join together with 800+ hackers, designers, and visionaries to engage in workshops, listen to speakers, and develop programs, tools, and relationships that can last for life. We hope to have you join us! For more information and updates, check out our social media. You can check out what we were up to last year here.

February 4 - February 6, 2022
USC Campus and online
Applications are now closed! Thank you for your interest!

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This year, we’re focusing on issues relating to intersection and innovation. The four verticals are: earth's environment, entertainment, social impact, and the creator economy. We’re encouraging every participant to tackle the problems plaguing today’s world and innovate ideas around them.

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Earth's Environment
Our planet’s carbon footprint is growing exponentially so we must also explore how to be sustainable with technology.
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L.A. is the home world of entertainment. This intersection will bring together technology and all forms of production to create new products and ideas.
Depiction of Social Impact's vertical
Social Impact
Let’s create new spaces and ways to deepen our understandings of the people who surround us and don’t.
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Creator Economy
The passion and creator ecosystem is an intersection of art, individual passion, and self starting.
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Keynote Speaker
Picture of Sam Yam

Sam Yam

Co-founder & CTO, Patreon

Sam Yam is the Co-Founder and CTO of Patreon, a platform that funds creators and artists through membership from fans. Prior to Patreon, Sam co-founded AdWhirl, a mobile monetization platform which was acquired by AdMob. Sam is also a YCE at YCombinator and has worked at Google, Yahoo, and Stanford’s StartX. Sam graduated with a BS in CS from Stanford and is currently on leave from Stanford’s Master’s program in CS.

. . . and more to come!

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Each year, our sponsors help us unite 800+ emerging developers, designers, and builders. Our sponsors make it possible for hackers to build something they're proud of.

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